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Observing Jharkhand’s development after it gained independence in the year 2000. N.K. Construction (Pvt) Ltd was directly involved in state development, working on government projects and the development process. Working hard and staying focused resulted in great experience of infrastructure development, allowing the organization to enter into real estate development in 2001. Since then, the business has had strong market expansion with a focus on core values that have enabled us to offer our devoted clients a high standard of living.

This company is led by professionals because it is well-established and employs a team of accomplished, highly qualified architects and engineers with years of experience in the industry, which increases our project’s sustainability over time.

We have acquired a large number of square feet of residential and commercial spaces, as we commit our loyal consumers that we would give them an eco-friendly living environment with surroundings that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Over the years we have built various residential complexes, private homes, cottages, and commercial structures, using high-quality materials and innovative technology to ensure that all projects meet global standards of excellence.

NK Construction Pvt. Ltd.


Hassle-free operations with total customer satisfaction by resolving customer’s issues with utmost attention and speedy services round the clock. NK Construction Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to develop and deliver state of art projects matching to standards around the globe.


With a commitment to deliver unique, integrated projects that best cater to client’s needs, NK Construction Pvt. Ltd. strives to be the most innovative and trusted brand in real estate industry by adopting new technologies with a focus on green and eco-friendly construction.